Case Study #1: EDF

EDF approached us to help them port their code from a previous development iteration to an Atmel SAM4S / Atmel AT86RF233 platform and test its functionality. They also needed help with a port on a STM32 platform.

What we did:

  • Rewrite the MAC layer (using parts of the Atmel 802.15.4 stack to replace the old MAC layer)
  • Integrate the new MAC layer into existing application
  • Develop new functionality that is not available in the Atmel MAC (such as the Beacon cascade, custom superframe periods, dedicated “colored” slots)
  • Optimize network behavior by introducing new algorithms (such as evening out of broadcast transmissions over the superframe to minimize collisions)
  • Rewrite the application layer to support sample applications needed by EDF
  • Develop an API for future application developers to easily create OCARI-enabled applications

Case Study #2: Metal Samples, Inc.

Metal Samples, Inc. has developed a revolutionary sensor for measuring corrosion in pipelines and they needed industrial wireless stacks integrated in their sensor to send the readings to a centralized DCS system in a standard way. Based on our previous experience in the area, we were able to develop the firmware for the integration of both ISA100.11a and WirelessHART stacks into this sensor. We also helped the customer pass the needed certifications for the sensor.

What we did:

  • Successfully integrated an ISA100 stack into Metal Samples, Inc. corrosion monitor sensor
  • Passed WCI certifications for this sensor
  • Successfully integrated the WirelessHART stack into the same product as an alternative for the ISA100 stack

Case Study #3: Raybased

Raybased offer a wireless-enabled solution to control, monitor, and optimize all electrical functions in a building, such as heating, ventilation, lighting, and security systems. They hired us for our experience in the wireless and embedded areas to improve their solution even further.

What we did:

  • Offered consultancy and implementation of improvements to the wireless communication protocol implemented in Raybased’s sensors
  • Implemented new functionality in their sensors in the area of bootloaders and measurements

Case Study #4: R3 Sensors

R3 Sensors had developed hardware for a universal approach to connecting and hot-swapping sensors. They needed their sensors to connect to an ISA100 Wireless gateway.

What we did:

  • Write code that uses the Nivis VN310 ISA100 stack to join to an ISA100 network
  • Create necessary ISA100 objects for different R3 Sensors sensor scenarios
  • Read data from the sensors
  • Publish data read from the sensors to gateway
  • Reconfigure the objects “live” while the user changes the connected sensors.